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February 4, 2019 Acid Ape Chess reaches 1.0!

Acid Ape Chess 1.0 has been released!

New in this version:

  • An user manual has been added
  • A fullscreen clock has been added, for playing OTB without a physical clock
  • A standalone clock app has been added, for non-connected OTB games
  • The DGT Smart Board is now supported
  • The DGT3000 chess clock is now supported
  • DGT support has been improved
  • A player manager has been added, for registering human players for OTB games
  • A setting to always annunciate moves has been added
  • Several piece themes from Maurizio Monge have been added
  • Chess engines can now use our large online opening book
  • Arasan has been updated to 21.2
  • Scorpio has been updated to 2.8.9 MCTS+NN-20181229
  • Endgame tablebases have been made functional again and now provide access to 7-men Syzygy tablebases
  • Game sharing now provides a downloadable PGN link
  • Move input issues that were apparent in fast games have been fixed
  • Lichess support has been adapted to Lichess protocol changes
  • Some PGN Explorer issues have been fixed
  • Some battery usage optimizations have been applied
  • And more!

Please note: to make Acid Ape Chess even better in the future, this release is using a free/paid model. Some of the listed changes are to be found in Acid Ape Chess Grandmaster Edition.

December 4, 2018 Chess Engines Collection 1.3 released

Chess Engines Collection version 1.3 has been released.

It features two updates: Stockfish 10 (the newest version of the strongest engine in the world at the time of this writing), and its assembler variant armFish.

As part of our testing we have organized an interesting match between Stockfish 10 and armFish 20181204. This match was played on a powerful octa-core phone.

This means that each engine had 3 cores, since our core allocation algorithm ensures fairness (an equal number of cores for each engine) while keeping one core free for the Android system and other background apps.

The match consisted of 4 blitz games with 5 minutes for each side and no increment. A coin flip decided that Stockfish 10 started the first game as white.

While this means nothing per se (especially since we were taking screenshots at random moments, thus depriving the side to move from some useful CPU cycles), Stockfish 10 won this match (2½-1½), the results being as follows:

  • Game 1: Stockfish 0 - 1 armFish (White forfeits on time)
  • Game 2: armFish ½ - ½ Stockfish (drawn by repetition)
  • Game 3: Stockfish 1 - 0 armFish (Black forfeits on time)
  • Game 4: armFish 0 - 1 Stockfish (White forfeits on time)

Some screenshots of the games:

Stockfish 10 vs armFish in Acid Ape Chess Stockfish 10 vs armFish in Acid Ape Chess Stockfish 10 vs armFish in Acid Ape Chess Stockfish 10 vs armFish in Acid Ape Chess

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